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This is all rather new to me.

It seems that we might just get some snow next week, nothing too big but still something. For the past couple of months the weather has been rather uncertain and unpredictable, at least for me, and it’s been quite frustrating.

It is all the more uncertain in the sense that I go from a rather dense urban area to a very much empty coastal one and then a wooded area and then back to a semi-urban area in one bike ride and the conditions can change drastically over a kilometre. Just the other day I got on my bike and at the bottom of the hill coming from the pool I noticed that the ground was covered in frost. It seemed strange because it had been raining close to my house and here all the puddles were frozen. When I got off the bike I noticed that in the end even my non-winter tyres had rather good adherence, the ground was amazingly slippery!

I could actually go on forever describing the weird, at least to me, conditions we’ve had for almost every day for the past week. It’s been one heck of a learning curving for me but I’d rather take it any day than face a bus in the morning, for now at least.

That strangeness could also have been seen back in October. Here is what I saw on an early morning ride on a Saturday…

And here is what it looked like a few minutes later (had to head back to fix the saddle height a bit and didn’t have the appropriate wrench on me)…

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