La galinette cendrée, du provençal “galineto”.

Volatile imaginaire.

I’m a doctor, but not that kind of doctor. Yes, I did partially get that doctorate to be able to say that… the other reason was because I was told that it was the only opportunity I might have to publish a book others would read, and others did read it – about six people (my parents and the defence jury). And that’s how I turned into a responsible adult who is a researcher.

Sometimes I’m not so responsible and wander off in solo travelling adventures.That’s where most of my photos come from. Over the years I have also developed a love for cameras that are much older than I am.

Endurance sports also hold a very special place in my heart. Cycling, long distance running, triathlons. What doesn’t kill you…

I have chronicled my life for over eleven years in my LJ, which is still active but now better quality photos can be seen at the blog linked above,  that’s a great place to start to learn a lot more about me. Actually, just browse through the stuff linked above, all the recent stuff happens there.

Linda is busy